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How We Work

Weare a team of designers, developers and project managers with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Moonshuttle was born due to a lack of efficient development opportunities enabling visionaries to bring their ideas to life. The way we see it, development shouldn't be the principal concern of entrepreneurs, and resources should be used more efficiently towards customers acquisition. Responding to this need, we are changing the way project development is being done. With more attention brought to project mapping, to reduce development time down the line via iterations and countless modifications of codes. We also believe entrepreneurs and businesses should remain in full control of their project, and transparency comes into play. With weekly reports of what has been done, and validation of each step, our customers can secure that every payment made has the right return on investment. We understood that paying developers per hour is a drastic concern for entrepreneurs and businesses who cannot retain control over their expenses and budgeting. Therefore, we choose to allocate more time and effort into project design and management to enable a fixed budget, and no hidden costs at the end of the day.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide transparent and affordable development capabilities to startups and small businesses. The old way keeps people in the dark and at the mercy of developers. This is not our way!


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Design, development (IOS & Android), maintenance, promotional videos and materials, beta campaign reaching 500+ early adopters.

Design, and development of IOS Mobile App including payment gateway (Stripe) and Web portal with data management system.

Premium website responsive to all devices, SEO optimization and content creation.

Design and development of a full e-commerce solution including content generation and payment processes

Our Process

Scheduling a first chat

We take the time to discuss your project with you, your needs, and your budget.

Submitting a proposal

Based on the initial information we gathered around your project, we submit you a proposal, with a budget, a timeframe, and an initial development plan.

Approving And Getting Started

Once you approve, you transfer the budget for the design phase via Paypal where it will be frozen until completion and validation of the respective phase.


We submit the product mapping, and design of your project. Here you have as many modifications as you wish, to ensure that we will be building the right thing. Once you are satisfied with this phase, you validate the process and we will charge the frozen capital that was held for design.


You then proceed with freezing the budget for development, similarly to what has been done with design. And we get on with development. Each week, you will be provided with a report, screenshots and videos of the weekly progress. The development phase would have been broken down into several steps. And upon completion of each step, you will be asked to validate the step when you are satisfied. The respective percentage of the budget will be released after validation.

Shipping To Production

Once all development phase are completed, we ship to production. A timeframe would have been predefined enabling the planning of a potential release campaign. Same principal applies here, validation required, and respective budget unfrozen then.

Beta Campaign

In the event you wished we handled your beta release, we have strong ties with organizations specified in reaching targeted beta users. We could assist you throughout this phase.


In our packages, we offer maintenance and post production feature enhancement services. Once again, we see ourselves as technical partners who accompany young enterprises in their first steps into the market. So stay cool, we won't vanish!

Our Secret

We're experienced developers, freelancers all working together under Moonshuttle. You have the security and simplicity of a development agency, with all the benefits of having your own developers. While we operate like an agency, we have no overheads and other costs that would be reflected in our pricing. Give us a call!

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